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Building Excitement!

Posted by winyanmaka07 on June 6, 2013 at 7:55 PM

Greetings and a warm hug each one of you.  I am happy to share yet another miracle that we atTWM have experienced.  I've spent no small amount of time wondering where to set up an office this year praying that Spirit would intercede....and then I received an e-mail from a lodge sister asking if there is a place that could use a three bedroom, two bath trailer, 70's style.  I asked if they would mind if we placed it on the land of a friend to be used for our office.  They said that would be alright and were happy that they could be of help.  It makes me think back to 2010 when I posted here that we were severly in need of a truck.  I said "Surely there is someone out there who has a truck in good running condition just sitting in their garage, wondering what they could do with it.  Perhaps they could donate it to our project."  Lo and behold, I received an e-mail from a good friend who said " I read your post and called a friend of mine to look at it.  She has a 1987 chevy pickup sitting in her garage.  It belonged to her late husband.  It was his pride and joy and he took excellent care of it.  He also was very sympathetic to the Lakota Peoples, and she would love to donate it, in his memory, to our project.  She said he would be very happy to know that his truck was being used to help those he cared about.  Spirit IS guiding this project still.

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