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Beyond a mere "Pilamayaye and Wopila"...

Posted by winyanmaka07 on December 22, 2015 at 7:20 PM

Mitakuyapi (my family) of this Facebook world....I find it quite necessary to post to you about my heart feelings towards you, where ever you may be in every part of the world. First, I offer warmest of hugs to the dear friends who have helped keep the annual Christmas Project going to Wounded Knee for close to 30 years. I haven't been up for the last couple of years due to health reasons, but the beautiful folks at the Shambala Center and Unity of Boulder have always been and continue to be very busy preparing for the annual trip to Wounded Knee for the Christmas Project and to get it up there no matter the circumstance. I want you to know how full my heart has been in the past month or so as things are in full upswing mode as I am now strong enough to be of more service and will travel with the Christmas volunteers and bring them all home to Colorado in time to be with their loved ones for Christmas Eve. That is my honor to do.

Further, exciting things are happening in a good way for the Homestead Project, and all of the various programs that we do. To all of my former International volunteers who have kept in contact with me through the years; those of you from Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, France, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, etc. how can I tell you how much your desire to help the Lakota has meant to all of us? My love also to each of the local and domestic volunteers who have helped further our Vision by doing fundraising work in our community, or coming up to deliver much needed equipment, supplies, tools – large and small, food, and your hard work…pilamayaye tanka.

I am not ready to announce the miracles yet, but once they have been formalized, I will be so happy to share with you. I appear to be rambling so please bear with me.

I don't know if each of you know the depth of what your friendship means to me or how your messages and posts have pulled me through some of the darkest hours I have experienced in the year since my open heart surgery. Beyond a mere "Pilamayaye and Wopila" I want to offer my love to all of you. To those of you who posted beautiful inspirational posts, it has been said that you many not even know what someone may be going through and yet, your posts may bring them through great difficulties. Additionally, many of you gave me strength and the will to continue practicing perseverance, endurance and patience in the face of BIG problems with the Homestead project. We had almost all of the tools and equipment stolen, my sweet little “Susie” (Suzuki swift) gone as well…along with our kitchen/supply tent that was donated to us by the wonderful UCC community from Laramie Wyoming. To you wonderful folks up there...I say I am sorry that I wasn't a better keeper of the tent. But you always remain in my heart for that kindness. When I first heard the news...my emotions plummeted and I felt like giving up. But once again, Spirit worked that Spirit magic and so many of you would post the things that were so apropos to what was going on for me...and I was able to receive it as though it was meant just for me in my time of need.

I love all of the seemingly small every day miracles that I find here, that in retrospect, are often HUGE miracles. AS I've read before, you never know who you help or offer strength to through various posts, so just keep posting those messages of love...I think they really are magic. Christinia

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